Saturday, April 11, 2009

Imperial cycles mission statement

A company dedicated to bring compelling and fresh designs to the emerging motorized bicycle industry. Pushing envelopes, opening new doors, and boldly getting there. Inspired by the 1920's board track racers our bike designs incorporate a fresh look using new bike technologies, and innovations. Please join us for the ride.


A - 26" Hand built custom shorty fatz/ Imperial Cycles frame
B - 26" beach cruiser style frame.

A - 2 stroke grubee skyhawk engine. 66cc 3 hp engine can reach speeds from 20-30 mp. These engines require oil and gas mixture. Pedal or pull start options.
B - 4 stroke grubee 4g engine. 49cc engine 2.5 hp with 5 to 1 gear ration belt drive can reach speeds up to 25 to 35 mph. Runs on pure gasoline no oil. Cleaner emmsisions, and epa approved.

Gas tank capacity:
Normally the enngines will get 150 mpg.
A - Peanut gas tank - 3/4 of a gallon
B - Board tracker style gas tank - 1 gallon

A - 36 spoke rims. Outer rim can be painted to customers spec, and spokes can be to customers spec.
B - 6 spoke aluminum mag rims - comes in black, red, blue, or white.

Brake Options:

Disc Brake rear for mag rims
Drum brake rear
Coaster brake rear, and drum brake for front rim

Riding laws:

Im California there is no need for license or registration for motorized bicycle. In california a motorized bicycle is a pedal bicycle with a motor mounted to the bike for pedal assist, and the engine should not exceed 2 brake horse power. You should find out the motorized bicycle laws in your area.