Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rolling Chassis (For Sale)

For Do it your selfers, or anybody with issues on shipping a bike to they're country we now offer rolling chassis. These are the bikes ready to go minus the engine. The engine you can supply yourself and install yourself. This will save on cost, and it will give you everything you need to start your project with the classic imperial look. We have two rolling chassis options seen above the Bullet, and the Hornet. Both classic looking styles that you can bring automatically to your build.

For pricing on these bikes please contact us at -
Or if you want to design out your own rolling chassis please let us know too.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


With work slowing down it seems finally I have some time to reflect and search the infinite internets for weird, inspiring, boner making images, videos, or blogs. On this blog -, I found the above image. you just gotta love the gonz; who skates with a grey suite and pastel shirt (miami vice).

Which makes me think of a song lyric that goes:

"Make a point of having fun
It'll help you get through life
"Life sucks and love is dumb"
Golly, that's a real lie


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Australia Order Update

The last two bikes of the updated order for Australia. So, 6 total beautiful bikes. Its a shame to see them go and it was an adventure to build them. These builds incorporated a lot of new bike hardware that we haven't used before like front drum brakes, disk brakes, wide cranks, rear dropout style chain tensioners. Which overall gave a more clean bike with better aesthetics and functionality. Test riding these bikes and making sure they are working properly was a real treat especially the 4 stroke bullet bike. The thinner tires, aluminum mag rims, the grubee 4 stroke with a 5 to 1 gear ratio made it seem to glide and cut corners quite properly. A metal beast indeed. Check out the pictures I apologize in advance for the poor quality, I lost the charger for my D-40 camera but as soon as I get it I will put up better pics.