Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Behind The Bars Build

Imperial Cycles is a Sponsor for the upcoming Behind The Bars Show this June 13th at Trailhead Cyclery in San Jose which means we get to enter 4 bikes. Here's one. Not too much to look at but trust me, it's getting there. It's fun racking my brain on how to make everything work and fit properly. Went from plan A, to B, to C and now I think I'm at plan Q. Started out as WCC bike which I started to chop to give it a digger style rake. Turns out that it shrank the bike dramatically so I went back to the drawing board in my head. Right now, I hopefully have everything figured out and did some test bends. Everything looks good so far. Hope it stays this smooth here on out. If not, I'm gonna be making up some new letters for my plans soon.


Monday, May 10, 2010

New bike for local San Jose Customer

Our first local customer Jack recieves this beauty of a bike I dubbed azul. Custom Shorty Fatz Imperial Cycles frame, 4 stroke engine, Metal flake board tracker gas tank, origin 8 drop stem, shortend handle bars, blue metallic flake grips, Leather springer saddle, white wall tires, rear drum brake and front drum brake. This bike totalled at $2,300. It was a great build and I was actually sad to see her go.