Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Australia Order Update

The last two bikes of the updated order for Australia. So, 6 total beautiful bikes. Its a shame to see them go and it was an adventure to build them. These builds incorporated a lot of new bike hardware that we haven't used before like front drum brakes, disk brakes, wide cranks, rear dropout style chain tensioners. Which overall gave a more clean bike with better aesthetics and functionality. Test riding these bikes and making sure they are working properly was a real treat especially the 4 stroke bullet bike. The thinner tires, aluminum mag rims, the grubee 4 stroke with a 5 to 1 gear ratio made it seem to glide and cut corners quite properly. A metal beast indeed. Check out the pictures I apologize in advance for the poor quality, I lost the charger for my D-40 camera but as soon as I get it I will put up better pics.


1 comment:

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